“Full Moon Fathers” Film Preview to Bring the Horror to Malta

MALTA – On October 16, local filmmaker and musician Sean Cranston will preview his film Full Moon Fathers at the Malta Drive-In, as part of an evening’s entertainment that includes an art show and live music as well.

The year is 1979. On the run from the law, a vicious biker gang, known as The Full Moon Fathers, wakes from a night of partying in the woods to find one of their members murdered. While all fingers point to each other, another more sinister presence moves in. 

Full Moon Fathers is the brainchild of Sean Cranston.  He is a self-described “ramblin’ man, trying to make a livin’ and doin’ the best [I] he can.” (My apologies to Dickey Betts, but a quote is a quote.)  Cranston is a Drum Instructor and show director with The Albany School of Rock by day, and “had an irresistible urge to create something that went against the grain of all the “teenagers exploring a haunted place” movies.”  He observed that some veterans don’t fear much in this world, because of what they have seen and lived through.  A story shared with him by a friend enabled him to add elements of true life, and that triggered an effort to write a story testing the limits in a situation that was uncontrollable in an otherworldly way.  

The self-funded, project enabled Cranston to immerse himself in the scenery and history in the woods of Schuylerville NY, where he lived for two years making this film.  He characterized that as “fun,” which probably is true, in comparison to the effort needed to keep the wheels turning over the four years to bring it to a screen. Cranston used some preparedness smarts when he pursued the use of the Malta Drive-In, given the ongoing unpredictability of Covid.  Making it so folks could see the movie in a car with their pod was a nice touch. (We public health people love that!)

The set of Full Moon Fathers

Future plans for the movie include possible Video-on-Demand distribution (depending on reception) and the release of his novella based on the film, with hand-drawn illustrations to accompany each chapter.  

Prior to the showing of Full Moon Fathers, a short horror film, “Holiday Spirit”, by Crantson’s dear friend, Bailey Victoria (writer & director) will be shown.  The School of Rock House Band is a group of “insanely talented” young adults who are going to kick off the night with some classic rock n roll tunes.

A drive-in in October? To see a scary movie? Or two? When the veil between the living and the dead is getting thinner?  Do you dare?  Oh, what could happen?

  • Written & Directed: Sean Cranston
  • Cinematography & Editing: Jim Powers
  • Art Director & Production Design: John Stegemann
  • Starring: Michael F Hayes, Paul Sacchetti, Stephen Croce, Joules Davis, Tim Roberts, Bill Kelleher, Vegas Nacy, Joe Reilly, Jim Wertman Jr, Hap Winters, Jesse Calhoun, Jerry Warren, with Andy Jacek, Gemma Nacy, John Mcghee, & Jerry Gretzinger (Note from M. Miller: yes, that J. G. from WNYT)
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