Above Ground Podcast #173: The Boys of Summer

Sometimes you’re at the scariest table in the room, other times you’re amongst your tribe. Above Ground Podcast was everywhere and anywhere this past Spring/Summer, bringing resources, connection, and stigma-slapping to a neighborhood near you. 

We don’t recognize the power of an experience until we have had some distance from it, and are able to look at it with a fresh eye. Fresh eyes are a choice and every day, we choose what we look at. Wayne Dyer says when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. We change too. How can you not? 

Will and TPP reflect on what they have learned this year. About themselves, and how the soil has become a bit more plentiful to plant seeds of hope. We say thank you to everyone we met this Spring/Summer of 2022 here in Nippertown

October 23 is the Upstate Punk Rock Rock Flea Market, from 12-6 pm for one day only at Empire Live in Albany NY. Above Ground Podcast will be there for this great event.

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