Above Ground Podcast #177: Escape from Within

We believe “you must feel it to heal it.” Embracing what it means to be human makes life a bit easier to manage, at least we’d like to think so. This includes realizing that it’s you alone in the decision to unlock the door and escape from within. 

Episode 177 of Above Ground Podcast is all about those pesky feelings that we need to find a language to discuss. This week, we got inspired by the Flotsam and Jetsam tune, “Escape From Within.”

We hold the key to our escape. We all have limited time, with this thing called “life” being terminal and all. When we awaken to this idea, it places the responsibility squarely on us to sign the contract of death that begs to be signed when we scream our way out of the womb and onto Earth’s stage. 

Journaling is a great tool to use to filter your feelings. Having the language to describe what sludge and debris block us from our path. Byron Katie’s The Work could be a useful place to start.

Ellis Paul says the world ain’t slowin’ down and our real-time practice in the human condition takes acceptance and action. When we build these muscles it helps us deepen our capacity to juggle. When we juggle the years like chainsaws don’t kill the power.

This Saturday, Will is performing at Fuze Box. 8 pm showtime, $10 at the door. Above Ground Podcast fans, please come out to see Will and TPP do a very special song to close out the set. Hope to see many of you there. 

TPP is launching his book, “Never Underestimate the Power of You”, on Nov. 11 and you will be able to purchase it through Amazon. When we have a link we will post it everywhere. Be sure to check in on our social media. 

Thanks so much for listening this week. Continue following, sharing and being the hope dealers we are.

Until next Wednesday, get well, be safe, Stay Above…

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