Photo Gallery: WGNA’s Secret Star Acoustic Jam @ Proctors, 11/02/2022

SCHENECTADY – WGNA had another sold-out event at Proctors Theatre last night. Their 16th Secret Star Acoustic Jam had country music fans speechless with this year’s lineup.

The Secret Star Acoustic Jam is a one-of-a-kind show in upstate New York, where the acts are not revealed until they walk out on stage. There’s just something about the added suspense of who might be behind the curtain. Even though you don’t know who you will see in concert, you better believe that WGNA has a huge lineup.

Jackson Dean (photo by Ben Gifford)

This year kicked off with a bang when Jackson Dean walked out of the shadows with a drink in one hand and his guitar in the other. Dean is well known for “Don’t Come Lookin’,” used in the soundtrack of an episode of the popular Yellowstone television series, but by the end of the night, he had you saving all of his music in Spotify.

It’s not very often you get to see someone’s rise to fame in an acoustic setting, but there was nothing short of his soul that was poured into every song he sang.

Dylan Scott (photo by Ben Gifford)

WGNA spoiled the audience with three other acts that included Tenille Arts, Matt Stell, and Dylan Scott. Scott played the mystery game and gave hints as if Luke Bryan was about to walk on stage…which no, he did not. But all were happy that the multi-Platinum Scott decided to stick around for this one-of-a-kind acoustic show after bringing his Amen To That tour to Albany a few short weeks ago.

Stell and Arts both brought their talent, drinks, and stories to the crowd, which resulted in both cheers and laughter from the fans. Even though there were a lot of “secrets” leading up to the night, it was pretty obvious that WGNA was going to deliver another successful Secret Star Acoustic Jam.

Photo Gallery by Ben Gifford

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