Meet the Chef: The Olde English Pub’s Mo Tzovaras

Changes. (Cue David Bowie,…) There have been many recently in the regional restaurant scene, and we’re going to look at a few of them. New places, new chefs, new opportunities! Speaking of which, meet Mo!

Mo Tzovaras

Mo Tzovaras is the new executive chef at the Olde English on Broadway. He comes to it by way of Miami, SCCC, and numerous other kitchens. I could go on about his background, school, and his favorite color, but that’s not why you’re reading this, so let’s cut to the chase… his food.

The Olde English Pub

Olde English is a local bastion of all things British, from the decor to the menu. No TVs, no blaring music, both inside and garden seating, an impressive list of draughts on tap, and a menu right out of a West End pub. That’s where the predictability ends, and Mo steps in. I have purposely chosen a few items on the menu here that really exemplify Mo’s mini-fusion approach. It should be noted that the overall direction of the menu is still decidedly British.

Tikka Masala Croquette
Candied Vegetables

Mo’s ethnicity is Greek, and that shines through in his presentation of some favorites, old and new. Check out the Tikka Masala Croquette, the Candied Vegetables, and my favorite… the Falafel.


Now I wouldn’t waste your time touting a falafel that you’ll get anywhere else. You know… that over-fried doughy ball of straw. These are light, aromatic spheres encased in a thin crispy shell that gives way to a rich, almost creamy center. Just do it…

The injection of Mo himself, and his rich heritage, into the food he’s already passionate about is a winning combination. I had fun chatting with Mo and feeling the true excitement he has for food. It really reinforced my direction to highlight new, innovative chefs in this series. Mo is the first of three we’ll follow into the Holiday season here.

Oh… and Happy Holidays!

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