It’s Local 518 Thursday! November 17th


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Tonight, I throw down the rock…

Super 400 – “You Are My Light
Black Tongue Reverend – “Northern Burden
The Hard Luck Souls – “Another Wasted Day
Hasty Page – “No. 1
Bad Mothers – “Wasted
Greetings – “Balconies

The Attic Classic:  2022 Eddies Award winner for Rock/Pop Artist of the Year and 2022 Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Hall of Fame inductee Super 400 was formed by Kenny Hohman (guitar/vocals) and Joe Daley (drums), with the lineup finalized with the addition of bassist Lori Friday. Over more than 25 years they’ve recorded several albums and singles, toured across the US and Europe, and have been honored by their hometown of Troy with their own official holiday.

The band was signed to Polygram imprint Island Records, and readied their self-titled debut in 1998. But not long after, in cruel twists of fate, Polygram was bought out, folding up Island. Album release plans collapsed and the Super 400 record was shelved. Shortly after, the band’s management decided to call it quits.

The trio persevered, booking their own tours and releasing their next two albums on their own. Word of mouth and live bootleg trades earned them a slot at a music festival in Spain. The response brought them back to tour packed houses in Europe.

In the Local 518 Show opener “You Are My Light” the band references some memories of a tour in Spain. The Attic Classic is the title track to their self-released 2004 album ‘Blast the Message.’ And, here’s a video from a 2012 rock festival in Cádiz Spain in which they opened their set with…”Blast the Message.”

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