Album Review: “Reaching Through Dreams” by Lucas Garrett

Dreams Do Come True

QUEENSBURY – Lucas Garrett has been playing his music for years now.  The pandemic almost shut him down.  Luckily for us, at the prodding of his friends (See article by Drew Wardle A Few Minutes with… Lucas Garrett; “Reaching Through Dreams” | Nippertown) and Café Lena’s invite to do more streamed shows, he persevered.  Lucas’s new album is an amalgam of his life, his learning, his passions, and yes, his dreams.  

Lucas is a math major.  Now you may think that mathematicians are not deep thinkers, well, au contraire!  After listening to Reaching Through Dreams, I spoke with Lucas at length about life and this new album.  While he is as analytical as you would expect, his creativity comes from his attention to the subtleties of human conversation.  He finds that cadence informs his creation of rhythm.   Running in the background is his need to communicate the anxiety of meeting someone; being changed by the experience; and the “limitless meaning of the word” love.

As with all creative people, Lucas has filled many roles from guitar teacher to studio assistant to performance artist.  Watch for his future involvement in composing for films.  You can hear some of that cinematic flair here, most notably in “Down We Fall,” my nominee for cinematic application. It starts out sotto and with a calculated crescendo, transports one to the mountain cliff scene of Last of the Mohicans.  You know the one where Uncas follows Alice to her death? Chills!

Lucas Garrett

I gave Reaching a listen before I grilled Lucas and found what so many others have written:  his mastery of the guitar; his employment of various themes, styles, and phrasing; his distinctive voice.  He asked me for my favorite of the six captured on this record.  Lucas, I amend my answer to all six.

“So Many Times” – a great techno, dance tune that puts me in mind of Thomas Dolby of the 80s.  Close your eyes and you can see a Sci-Fi/AI movie roll past with this as its score – with or without the vocals.

“We Can’t Go Back” – Lucas at his best funky guitar!  I dare you to bop around.

“Breathe into Me” – The change in tempo and key is as intriguing as diagonal lines in a work of visual art.  The guitar reminds me of some Lost Leaders’ licks.

“Anna Lee” – no, not the Levon Helm tune, but who could blame anyone doing a cover of THAT?!  This is Lucas’ actual sleep/dream song, full of sweetness, desire, and longing summed up by the line “I’m lonely, but I’m not alone.”  Told you – deep.

“Together” – the violin, courtesy of Tania Susi, lends this song an old time-y feel while it conveys a new age story of tackling some personal growth.

Lucas Garrett and band performing at the Jive HIve Live

I have spent a lifetime writing prose.  I have often consoled myself that even Lincoln would have re-written the Gettysburg address, so you have to stop editing somewhere.  That does not hold true for Lucas.  He told me that every time he listens to this album, he wouldn’t change a thing.  Glad he reached through his dreams and made “the album he really wanted to make.”

Lucas has an album release showcase on Dec. 1 at Caffe Lena. Tickets are $16, with discounts for students, children, and Caffe Lena members. You can also live stream the event for $5. For more information, or to purchase tickets, please visit

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