Photo Gallery: Eastbound Jesus @ Putnam Place, 11/25/2022

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The temps had plummeted outside, and it was Black Friday, but that had no impact on the fans of Eastbound Jesus — they showed up at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs in force. Donned in their flannel shirts, people of all ages showed up to see this band. I have been to hundreds of shows and concerts and I have never encountered a more dedicated and excited fan base than I did on Friday night. 

Eastbound Jesus (photo by Tammie Birdwell)

There was no opening band, so we got two delicious sets of Eastbound Jesus’ unique blend of rock, country, folk, and bluegrass. This genre-bending band seemed as though they could have gone all night with a delightful blend of covers and originals. The most significant part to me was this — almost the entire crowd sang along to every single one of their songs. Being in the crowd was like being a part of a musical. 

If you missed last night, don’t worry. You can check out Eastbound Jesus’ music here — and they are working on a new album. They even played some of their new songs for us last night. 

Eastbound Jesus (photo by Tammie Birdwell)


  • The Storm
  • Here’s to You
  • 54 Miles
  • Easy Now
  • Back Home to You
  • Sittin’ by the River
  • Roll Back Down
  • Run Down
  • Second That Emotion (Smokey Robinson)
  • Ghost Town
  • Too Proud


  • Something in the Way (Nirvana)
  • Pipe Dreams
  • Working Man
  • Rusted Out Airplane
  • I Go Alone
  • Hollerin’
  • Cherokee Cowboy
  • Doors Open
  • Beat the Drums


  • Atlantic City

Photo Gallery by Tammie Birdwell

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