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Tonight, wake the neighbors with this played loud…

Ride the Movies – “21
Under the Den – “Drunk and Lonely
Hate Club – “Letter
E.R.I.E. – “Can’t Stop Runnin’
Gordon St. – “Hard Day in the World
Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band – “Renegade Love

The Attic Classic:  It’s not too hard to track down the origin story of Lethal Lipstick, the Attic Classic band. Formed in 1985, their history is chronicled in various detail, depending on who’s telling the story. One thing’s for certain, the band might have been a main contender in the world of glam metal if a couple breaks went their way.

Guitarist Bob Gori, of Albany bands Misfits and The Tragics, had a vision to form a band that combined the sleazy trashiness of early 70’s NYC glam rock, heavy metal, and the snotty viciousness of punk. To help bring his dream into reality, he called up former bandmate and bassist in The Tragics Wayne “Rock Thomas” Haskins as second guitarist.

As the two worked to write songs that would melt faces, they looked to fill out the band’s lineup. A fan of their former band, Gary Grafixx had taken up the bass following getting a degree in graphic arts – hence the name. He was brought on board and came up with the Lethal Lipstick logo – lettering reminiscent of a 1950’s era horror flick and a bleeding pair of mummified lips in black lipstick. Nick Grind, guitarist for Albany punk band The Plague, was brought on as front man. Lastly, Dan Hammer joined to reinvent himself from a jazz drummers’ throne.

Following their debut at legendary Club 288 on Albany’s Lark Street, they decided that they would create THE show that everyone would talk about, and clamor to see. Arrive at shows by limousine, have the biggest pyrotechnics, do everything bigger, flashier, and more outrageous – just like the big rock stars they could be.

They recorded their first single “Bad Boys” at legendary Bearsville Studios just outside Woodstock, released in 1987. You can find Lethal Lipstick on today’s social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here’s a video from MrNickGrind’s YouTube channel, of the song “Dancin’ With Dynamite.”

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