Above Ground Podcast #184: Building Minds

Jamie the Mind Tradie is on a journey he embarked on at the age of 16. “I was a conscious teenager.” Overcoming a tremendous amount of childhood trauma. Then losing his eyesight in his mid-20s. Jamie was a tradesman who has been on a mental health hero’s journey. Jamie is going to be happy. Jamie has made a mantra out of those words before sight was not available. Building minds with trade, psychology, and the art of living like a Mind Tradie.

Jamie Usher lost 90 percent of his vision, yet gained full sight into himself. In our conversation we cover how the man was built out of survival and learned how to thrive. Jamie is a 1:1 coach and is finishing his coursework to become a licensed Psychologist. Jamie uses movement for mental health and posts videos for us to consume on the_mind_tradie.

Check out Jamie on the web or find his podcast.

Thanks for listening to another episode of Above Ground Podcast. Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas to everyone. Until next week get well be safe and stay Above

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