Photo Gallery: “Holiday Jam Session” at 518 Craft, 12/26/2022

TROY – The creative spark for jazz more than other musical forms is the jam session. Jam sessions are held every Monday night at 518 Craft at the Corner of Broadway and River Street in the heart of downtown Troy. On some evenings it can be almost magical. Maybe it was the spirit of the holiday season, but the 518 jazz community and homecoming former members came out to play, listen, and hang.

photo by Rudy Lu

Curated by jazz drummer Joe Barna, participants included 

  • Joe Barna – drums
  • Jason Emmonds – bass
  • Ian MacDonald (NYC) – keyboards
  • Awan Rashad – tenor sax
  • Adam Siegel – alto sax
  • Andy Hearn – drums
  • Steven Kirsty – tenor sax
  • Philippe Chow – trumpet
  • Alex Gonzales – congas
  • Jeremy Gold – tenor sax
  • Perly Rousseau – vocals
  • Gary Nowik – drums 
  • Joe Markowski – keyboards

Just naming the tune, the key, counting off, or in some cases, sight-reading a tune never played before was the name of the game and made for an evening of somewhat adventurous listening.

Come on out some Monday night to 518 Craft and experience this for yourself.

Photo Gallery by Rudy Lu

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