Above Ground Podcast #185: I Am Above

This week we exit stage left from 2022 and look ahead to 2023. Wrapping up the holidays and the year with Episode 185. Staying above is our goal and there are many keys to maintaining the ability and strength to stay. Look back, but don’t move back. I am above, as are you. But, together we are stronger. 

Above Ground Podcast is tearing off the last episode of this calendar year and blazing ahead. I am Above, from the Swedish melodic metal band In Flames, is part of the soundtrack of our last 365 days and this is the feeling we’ve been waiting for. 

Please drop by The Sages Circle on Sunday, Jan. 8, at 1pm for our Mental Health MeetUp Group. 443 Saratoga Road, Glenville, NY 12302. The Sages Circle is Saratoga County’s premier metaphysical shop and mind/body/spirit center. The Sages Circle fosters spiritual growth through a wide variety of workshops, yoga classes, psychic readings, reiki, meditation, metaphysical supplies, and much more! Check out their offerings on their website. 

Thanks for listening and until 2023 get well, be safe, stay Above.

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