Bobby Previte’s “Art for Now” an Adventure for the Ears and the Tastebuds

CATSKILL – Looking for something to wrap up the weekend Sunday evening? Those with adventurous tastes in music and food should visit the Avalon Lounge in Catskill. Legendary avant-garde improvisational drummer Bobby Previte leads his quintet, “Art for Now,” in a 90-minute set of interesting music that can lead anywhere.  His residency has resumed after a long Covid break.

Bobby Previte (photo by Rudy Lu)

The band features:

  • Keith Pray- tenor/alto sax
  • Joe Fiedler – trombone
  • John Esposito – keyboard
  • NIck Edwards – bass
  • Bobby Previte – drums

All musicians are based or regularly play in and around Nippertown and/or the Hudson Valley.

The menu features artisanal beers, homestyle Korean food, and soju (Korean liquor) based drinks.

Photo Gallery by Rudy Lu

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