Above Ground Podcast #187: Low Self Opinion

The view of ourselves is shaped by many things. It is formed by our nurture. It is exacerbated by culture. It can elevate our egos or destroy our self esteem. Social media escalates the self-hate war with weapons of mass distraction and the algorithms only feed you a steady diet of doubt, fear and lack.  Is it any wonder that so many of us are walking around with a low self opinion? I don’t think so. Let’s open the meat jacket and see. 

Welcome to Episode 187 of Above Ground Podcast. This week we riff on low self opinion – where it could start, how we can face it and create self esteem. This week’s title was inspired by none other than Henry Rollins and the track from the Rollins Band album, “The End of Silence.” That’s us here, silent no more. When Henry screams, ”unable to express the pain of your distress, you withdraw deeper inside,” it takes you by your shirt and throws you into the pit of self knowledge. But, in order to get to the philosopher’s stone, we need introspection and a language to describe what it is we are really searching for. Let’s get in the circle and do the work. 

Thanks to everyone that came out Sunday to our first Mental Health Peer Meet-Up at The Sages Circle, the areas’s premier metaphysical boutique, mind, body, spirit shop. We will be meeting again on Sunday, Feb. 19, at 1 pm. Jamie is an incredible force and spirit, and has created a sanctuary for the soul. Stop in to the store at 443 Saratoga Rd (Rt.50) in Glenville, NY, for all your spiritual tools. 

TPP is doing a discussion and book signing for, “Never Under Estimate the Power of You.” A DIY book for the ultimate DIY project, YOU. Join us on Sunday, Feb. 12 at 6 pm in Glenville. Grab a copy and connect. 

Last week’s guest, Jean Trewhella of Movement-Insights, at 100 Saratoga Village Blvd. Suite 10, Ballston Spa, is offering a free class in January to mental health professionals. Use the code “Movement and Health” when signing up. 

Thanks for listening and supporting mental health. 

Until next time get well, be safe, stay Above.

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