It’s Local 518 Thursday! January 12th

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Tonight at 11:00pm on WEXT Radio we explore the art of music with a playlist featuring…

Bright Dog Red – “Under the Porch
reaLation. – “Chase the Ghost
Architrave – “Crown Shyness
Proximity Crush – “Face/Back
Jason Wolfman Martin – “Nobody Hears It
No More Death Stars – “Emotional Lint Roller

The Attic Classic: Of the legendary and obscure Albany-based bands from the late 70’s to early 1980’s, there’s one that has no readily available recordings or videos. Even grainy photos of their performances are few and far between. Yet, they did draw other local musicians and artists, curious and supportive of their efforts, along with a group of fans. But they were not your typical rock band.

The music troupe I’m referring to is od. Kevin Bartlett, a cofounder of the theatrical art-rock outfit, along with Guy Spataford, Mary Paley, John Gould, George Melas, and Dennis Meade were the musicians and theater kids recording their music pieces in a studio while working on staging a multimedia show. It was an ambitious work, staged in two acts as “Spheres” then “Sideshow,” with an intermission between.

To get a piece of elusive od music for the Attic Classic, I contacted Kevin at Aural Gratification. He provided “The Electrifying Flying Man” from od‘s “Sideshow.” Recorded around 1982, it features the late Guy Spataford on vocals for his signature song.

provided by Kevin Bartlett

Above is Martin Benjamin’s photo from Carlo Wolff’s review of od‘s debut performance at SUNYA’s Page Hall in the April 16, 1980 issue of KITE Magazine.

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