timing Celebrates Release of “Storm’s Coming” with Listening Party at the Hangar, Jan. 28

TROY – On Saturday, Jan. 28, the band timing will celebrate the release of their debut album, “Storm’s Coming,” with a listening party at the Hangar on the Hudson. The band is comprised of members of local punk bands Public Access and The Slaughterhouse Chorus, but this project goes in a very different direction.

timing (photo by Yuliya Peshkova)

timing’s formation was a reaction to an ever-changing forecast; its debut recording is a song cycle about the storms of uncertainty that was borne on the winds of most uncertain times. In the strange, scary summer of 2020, four lifelong musical comrades – Chris Jordan (vocals, resonator, keys), Jason Bonafide (pedal steel guitar), Bob Watson (bass) and Mark McKenna (drums) – reconvened after their first extended break in nearly 20 years of weekly rehearsals for their reasonably regionally successful punk rock bands, Public Access and The Slaughterhouse Chorus. With the doors wide open and plenty of room to breathe, they dragged some instruments into an old horse barn in rural Rensselaer County to start again.

A handful of fingerpicked resonator riffs and bits of melodies collecting dust were finally given a place in the sun as the band developed a series of Jordan’s instrumental ideas into the basis of “Storm’s Coming” over that eerily quiet summer in the barn. Jordan and Bonafide traded their distorted guitars for plucked acoustics and steel guitar swells, learning to play as they went, while Watson and McKenna locked into backcountry rhythms that occasionally spiraled into chaos. Inspired by Radiohead’s approach to “Kid A”, the band forced itself to embrace the uncertainty of the times by substantiating those early demos with unusual instrumentations, unconventional songwriting, and unfamiliar production techniques. Live recordings from the barn were brought back to Bonafide’s basement studio, unraveled, ripped apart, and reassembled, with the traditional sounds forming the dirt floor for an off-kilter skyscraper of strings, synthesizers, drones, and impressionistic lyrics delivered in rich harmonies. Built up brick by brick over the course of the next two years into a multifarious musical collage, the EP attempts to interface Nine Inch Nails’ industrial dread with the organic warmth of Crosby, Stills, & Nash without losing course.

Mixed by Scoops Dardaris (Prince Daddy & The Hyena, Undeath) and mastered by Nick Sebastiano (Another Michael), timing’s “Storm’s Coming” is a concept album where meteorology is the metaphor for life’s everyday anxiety and unease, where the thunderheads are always lurking somewhere on the horizon, where the river is always threatening to flood its banks. The alt-country heart of the record skips into arrhythmias of crashing doom, swirling post-rock, pastoral indie-folk, and glitching electronics. Tossed around somewhere in the trailing wakes of The Band and The Books, Aphex Twin and Aaron Copeland, the resulting mini-album is an amalgamation of the new and the old, the familiar and the unknown, blurring the lines between acoustic and electronic and riding the fence dividing tradition and experimentation.


The listening party begins at 8 pm, doors open at 7. The event is free. The band will not be performing since this is more a recording project that they can’t play live. They’ll play the record (about 30 minutes) with a video to go along with it. Then just hanging out for a while after, with a playlist of music that influenced the album as the backdrop.

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