Above Ground Podcast #189: Falling to Pieces


Missing pieces of the puzzle can cause it all to fall apart. You can create new puzzle pieces. Connecting the pieces can make a beautiful picture. The displaying of the picture takes epoxy, a frame and care. One misstep can cause the pieces to fall, and when falling to pieces, is it a piece that we are missing or have we put pieces together in the wrong order?

This week on Episode 189, the guys discuss the pieces of the “helping yourself” puzzle. Putting yourself back together is a do-it-yourself, no-one-is-going-to-save-you project. The wisdom to be gained is outside, but integrating it is an inside job. Just like gasoline is only potential power and unless you pour it into a combustion engine it won’t do what it is intended to do. 

This we week we also mention the fine art of kintsugi. This technique of repairing broken pottery is an extension of the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, the philosophy of finding the beauty in transience, imperfection and simplicity. This great article from the blog, The Conversation, will help you understand. 

Some questions to ponder this week; what pieces are you missing? What pieces no longer fit? Is ignorance really bliss when the pieces are falling apart? What do you recognize that no longer fits and are you ready to create new pieces? Does healing ever end?

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TPP’s book, Never Underestimate the Power of You, is a help-yourself book because life is a DIY project.

Hope to see you out there in support of mental health. Until next week get well, be safe, stay Above.

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