Photo Gallery: The Disco Biscuits / Snakes and Stars @ Palace Theatre, 2/3/2023

ALBANY – On Friday, Feb. 3, despite the temps dropping well below zero outside, people showed up in the hundreds to pack out the Palace Theatre and it’s no wonder – the show was unlike anything I have experienced before. 

Snakes and Stars

Snakes and Stars (photo by Tammie Birdwell)

Snakes and Stars opened things up. Aaron Johnston and Michael Travis make up this incredible duo playing “jamtronica,” using nothing more than keyboards, midi controllers, and a drum set. It was an absolutely delightful set of music — especially if you are a fan of electronica music. If you missed last night’s set, you can check them out on an upcoming tour date if you’re lucky. 

Disco Biscuits

Disco Biscuits (photo by Tammie Birdwell)

It was my first time seeing the Disco Biscuits play live, and can now absolutely confirm they lived up to the hype — and then some. Their unique style, combined with their love of the music, and one of the best light shows I have ever seen, all added up to a night I won’t soon forget. There are thousands of seats in the Palace, and almost no one was sitting down. Again, much like Snakes and Stars, if you haven’t gotten to see the Disco Biscuits live, what are you waiting for? Check out their upcoming tour dates and hit a show as soon as you possibly can, you won’t regret it. 

Photo Gallery of the Disco Biscuits by Tammie Birdwell

Photo Gallery of Snakes and Stars by Tammie Birdwell

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