Today’s Top Tips for Live Music (Feb. 5, 2023)

Best bet: Ida / Storey Littleton @ Levon Helm Studios, Woodstock.

Wow, what a strong Sunday of choices we have around Nippertown today. Blues, classical, avant-grade, you name it, you can hardly go wrong. We’ll go with a reunited Ida, playing only two concerts – one in LA, and one right here in Woodstock. The lineup includes original drummer Miggy Littleton (White Magic, Blood On The Wall), original bassist and vocalist Karla Schickele (K, Beekeeper, Low), longtime violinist, vocalist and collaborator Jean Cook (The Mekons, The Beauty Pill), and multi- instrumentalist/singer-songwriter Storey Littleton (Mitchell and Littleton’s daughter). Available to stream if you can’t make it to the Barn in person. (8:00)

For additional listings, see our Calendar. Is there a gig (original music) missing? Email us at [email protected].

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