Above Ground Podcast #191: The Battle of Evermore

The Battle Royale is on. it’s a mashup of our thoughts, emotions, fears, doubts … all in the same ring. How will you make it out of the ring? Balance? Letting go of the idea of winning? Your thinking is the main variable in making it to the ring and being the last one standing.  Not letting your thoughts dominate your emotions, not letting the emotions take over the mind and control your actions.  Allow grace, give yourself compassion and remain vigilant throughout. This is the battle of evermore and it will forever carry on, just don’t let it take you down for the count. 

Welcome to Episode 191 of Above Ground Podcast. This week Will & TPP throw down in the squared circle of emotion and face the battle of evermore. The emotional mind versus the reasonable mind.  Does carrying on that fight cause more dilemmas or will it inspire your solution? Here lies the strength it takes to don the tights and boots, march down the aisle and step between the turnbuckles. The battles we wage within ourselves often leave us sick in the aftermath. Don’t get caught in a figure-four. 

If you can find your wise mind, you can learn to blend the parts into the whole. There is always the middle path. The non-doing side. By just the right amount of effort, it all gets done. We can use our wise mind to help guide us in the fight between emotion and rational, talk them down, and bring them together. In our wise mind we put into action the integration of wisdom and utilize its power to aim us in a non-attached manner toward our wanted outcome. Always keep in mind, one battle does not make an entire war. You will have exercise after exercise in the mind war games. Know this, you are enough.

The Sages Circle at Point Plaza, 443 Saratoga Road, Glenville, is quickly becoming the area’s premier metaphysical boutique and spiritual meeting place.  Sunday, Feb. 19, at 1:00 pm is the second Mental Health Meet-up Peer Group. This is a general peer group for mental health conversations. Facilitated by either or both TPP and Will. Our first group drew nine participants. Follow the link or call the Sages Circle at (518) 369-7018. 

Then Sunday, March 5 at 6:00 pm will be a Discussion and Book Signing for Timothy (TPP) Parent and his book, Never Underestimate the Power of You at the Circle. Please call or click the links to register for these events and any other event or service you’d like to have facilitated by Jamie and the Circle. 

Thanks for listening to Above Ground Podcast. Until next week when we are joined by Author, Bounce Back Expert, Mental Health Advocate, and Retired Army Veteran, Sylvester Jenkins III, we appreciate your support. Get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.

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