Unsigned518 Podcast #63, Adequate Phil

I had never met the boys in Adequate Phil before, but by the time the recording of this episode was over, I felt like we were friends. I even invited them to stay and hang out for a bit in the Dazzle Den. We ended up having a few beers and even doing an impromptu jam when John Woods, the drummer for ShortWave RadioBand, dropped in. It was a rad night, and these are rad dudes.

I literally cannot describe Adequate Phil’s music and do it any justice. Is it dreamy synth-pop, is it ethereal rock, is it hip-hop, or spacey folk music? It’s kind of all of that, but again, my description will do it no justice. 

Whatever you’d call it, it’s catchy as hell.

Check out this episode and get to know the guys in Adequate Phil right along with me. We’ll find out how the band came together and where they might be heading, and we also hear 3 songs, including a live in-studio song.

Adequate Phil on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/adequate_phil/

Adequate Phil on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/01R1MYRVB0j6MAS2DeE87A?si=guqgygBzQg2PWjWkDVvvqw

Adequate Phil on Bandcamp – https://adequatephil.bandcamp.com/

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