Podcast: Art Town with Kyra Garrigue

Art Town is an upstate NY podcast hosted by Justin Baker. Inspired by art and craft, Justin once a month sits down with regional artists and artisans to discuss their work, inspiration, and life.

This month’s artist is Kyra Garrigue. Garrigue has an MFA in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a BFA in Photography from The School of Visual Arts. In addition, she studied music at The University of North Carolina School of the Arts. She began working with electronic media in the mid-1990s after purchasing her first video camera and experimenting with combining her backgrounds in music and photography to create audio-driven single and multi-channel video pieces. Exploring the relationship between technology and art has continued to be an area of interest for her work, driving her to produce pieces that combine programming, video, audio, and photography with themes focusing on the distortion of memory and the objectification of the intangible.

Ms. Garrigue has presented her audio-visual works throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe in festivals and exhibitions such as The New York Video Festival at Lincoln Center, NYC; The International Media Art Festival-Art in the Age of New Technologies at The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art in Armenia; CITYZOOMS at The Uebersee Museum, Bremen, Germany; Photophobia at The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Canada; Contemporary Genre, Delta Center for the Arts, CA; Pulse, The Bass Museum of Art, Miami, FL; Festival de Creación Audiovisual de Navarra, Spain, and The BAC International Film and Video Festival at The Brooklyn Museum of Art. Ms. Garrigue currently lives and works in Troy.

Check out more of Kyra’s work on instagram @kyragarrigue

Music by:
Sonny and Cher | I got you babe
Theme music by Phantogram

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