Rave Review: Shrek Rave encouraged partygoers to “Just Come Have Fun”

Black N Blue and DamnMillennial Promotions hosted the national touring Shrek Rave at Empire Live last Friday, February 24th. The rave’s mottos are “Cool is Dead. Who Cares” and “It’s Dumb. Just Come Have Fun,” which was enough to sell out the event to anyone 18 years old and up. 

Shrek was released in theaters in May 2001 and has had several sequels and spin-offs since then. Combining child and adult humor with classic fairy tales, Shrek has become an iconic figure of the 2000s. 

Rave goers lined up on Pearl Street, adorned with ogre ears, tiaras, and wings, pressing themselves in the door, craving the pulsating music. There was a rotation of DJs throughout the night, with hype men stepping on stage in between to get the crowd cheering. What felt like a rocky start to the night was how the music struggled to find and maintain a rave rhythm. Eventually, it all synced up and became the electronic techno-pop party it needed to be.

The anticipation of recognizable Shrek soundtrack tunes kept the dance floor jam-packed.   The surprisingly most repeated song of the night was Half Cocked’s cover of “Bad Reputation,” featured from the original Shrek film’s soundtrack. A fun, upbeat spin on “Hallelujah” by Rufus Wainwright got the crowd screaming and singing in unison, frantically waving their phones and glow sticks. Not surprising was the crowd’s excitement hearing the top hits from Smash Mouth, “All-Star,” and “I’m a Believer,” which got the venue shaking. 

Behind the DJ booth was a large screen that projected all things Shrek related. There were scenes from the Shrek films and trippy gifs of Shrek dancing on repeat—pure internet fun and mayhem. The light show was nonstop, with strobe effects and all kinds of colors. The highlight of the event was all of the costumes showcasing everyone’s favorite characters. Groups of princesses, donkeys, so many dragons, fairies, Lord Farquaads, blind mice, a few gingerbread people, and tons of neon. The rave apparel was creative, hilarious, and eye-catching. Possibly Shrek’s biggest fans were a number of girls wearing shirts that read “sluts” in the Shrek title font. Go for a rave, and stay for the fashion fun. 

The next rave will be at the Empire Underground venue on Friday, April 28th, with the theme being Broadway: A Musical Theatre Dance Party!  

Photo Gallery by Elissa Ebersold

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