Photo Gallery: Life of Agony / Sick of It All @ Empire Live, 03/09/2023

One of Nippertown’s best bets for this month, the 30 Sick Years of Agony concert, did far from disappoint. The show sold out in the days leading up, with a sizeable line at the door and an hour before the doors to Empirelive opened. 

The event opened with the local metal band Faded Line. Lead singer, Vegas Nacy, stepped into the stage with energy and strong vocals. After each song, the band encouraged the crowd to move closer to the stage and widen the pit. Their performance didn’t disappoint and really set up for the bands to come. 

Photo by Hilary Crannage

Conventry Carols was a last-minute add-in by the headliner, Life of Agony. After hearing their first song, you could understand why. The trio brought a different vibe to the event with heavy melodic bass. They acted as the calm before the storm that was Sick of it all. 

Sick of It All came out with an energy that I honestly didn’t expect. Celebrating their 36th year together, they jumped and engaged the crowd as if it were their first show. What made their set even more memorable was seeing their family cheer for them on the outskirts of the stage. The band members constantly engaged the crowd, who had fans that followed the band since the beginning. 

Photo by Hilary Crannage

Life of Agony needed no introduction. From the moment the lead guitarist bellowed, “ARE YOU M$#@ER F#$KERS READY,” the pit has already formed. Lead singer Mina Caputo entered the stage with an angelic glow from the stage lights. Her iconic voice fueled the pit and help the people against the stage hypnotized. What I really appreciated about this show was the way the bands engaged the crowd. Singers would grab outstretched hands, and other band members would stay at the front of the stage, fueling the energy of the pit and making this an excellent concert. 

Photo Gallery by Hilary Crannage

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