Concert Review: Downswing/Mira/Torn Out/Ethos @ Empire Underground, 04/08/2023

New York’s local metal music scene delivered again at Empire Underground when Downswing took over with Mira, Torn Out, and Ethos. Mira started the show with great energy, blending melodic vocals and screaming in their set that kept the show and hype in the ground going from the get-go. What was memorable was the lead singer telling the crowd about tearing his Achilles heel the last time he was at this venue and powering through. He dedicated the last song to all his friends and family who kept him going through his depression while recovering. 

Photo by Hilary Crannage

Torn out was next, coming hard and fast. Throughout their set, other singers were invited on stage, adding to the show’s comradery and hype. The lead singer positioned himself front and center of the stage, staying the majority of the set on the front barricades so he could be more interactive with the crowd.

Enox took the stage next. The lead singer’s sparkly coat and the band’s colorful hair made an impression before they started playing. The band members continuously moved throughout their set as the crowd followed in the pit. The lead singer’s voice rose from low guttural murmurs to high animal-like screams and, accompanied by one of the guitarist’s melodic voices, gave their songs a great dynamic range. What set Enox apart was the electronic audio and sound that they incorporated throughout their music and helped add diversity to the show.

Photo by Hilary Crannage

A buzz of excitement washed over the crowd while Downswing was setting up for their set. Once the band had taken their places on stage and the guitar riffs started to build, the lead singer addressed the crowd, encouraging everyone to come closer to the stage. It was obvious how many fans had come out to support wearing merch with the phrase “America runs on Downswing.” Their set began with a bang as the two guitarists jumped from the drummer’s platform and started to kick and spin, as the lead singer jumped onto the front barricade and let out a scream. 

The band’s energy was infectious, and the crowd was moshing hard through the entire set. The band wrapped up with the release of their new song and a surprise encore where singers from the previous bands and others in the crowd grabbed the accompanying mics to join in completing the show and evening on a high. Next time these bands play, I highly recommend coming for the music and staying for the showmanship. 

Photo Gallery by Hilary Crannage

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