It’s Local 518 Thursday on WEXT! April 13th

It’s Local 518 Thursday! At 11:00 pm, tune in to WEXT Radio at 97.7 and 106.1 FM, at 89.1’s HD2 station, via online stream at, or by using the free app for iOS and Android devices. You can also ask Siri and Alexa to “play WEXT Radio” too!

Tonight on the Local 518 Show, I’ve got a few tunes for your ears…
Thom Powers & Friends – “Gimme
Aldvvin – “Pinch
Steve Hammond – “I’ll Return The Key
Jeff Grippin – “Wrong Side Of Leaving”
Jim Gaudet and The Railroad Boys – “Johnnys in the Basement
B.C. and the Wholesome Hucksters – “9:15 From Memphis

The Attic Classic: Troy native RICK ROURKE‘s musical journey began in bands as a teenager. Over four decades he lent his talents to several bands needing a singer, sax, guitar, harmonica, even tambourine – whatever was required. There was a stint in regional favorite Emerald City, and as one of the founders of the popular Out of Control Rhythm & Blues Band, a 20-year run as frontman doubling on sax and lead vocals, along with being their main songwriter.

Out of Control hit their peak at about mid-point in 1997 with the album ‘Shake The Nation.’ Going forward into 2006, that experience inspired songs of a more personal, more political worldview with deeper social connections. Rick took the opportunity to form the roots-n-rock band Lost Wages, their 2006 self-titled debut album featuring songs of a modern-day worldview and commentary.

For the next planned Lost Wages album, Rick’s bandmates convinced him that the focus should be on him. In 2013, Rick’s solo album ‘Three Sides to Every Story’ was released. Its title is taken from a line in one of the 12 songs, “Everybody’s Baby Cries,” which is the Attic Classic.

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