Concert Review: Houndmouth / Oliver Hazard @ Empire Live, 04/22/2023

Houndmouth returned to Albany on Saturday night with the 2023 Chartreuse and Chandeliers tour. Comprised of Matt Myers (guitar/vocals), Caleb Hickman (keyboard/vocals), Zak Appleby (bass/vocals), and Shane Cody (drums/vocals), the New Albany, Indiana natives put on a fantastic show. The line was nearly wrapped around the building when I arrived, and I knew right away that this would be a night to remember.

Photo by Reid Schaefer

Houndmouth is accompanied by indie-folk band Oliver Hazard to open the second half of the tour. Coming from Waterville, Ohio, the trio sang hit songs “Grenadine,” “Henry & Pearl,” and “Northern Lights,” as well as their latest release, “Summertime Whiskey.” Their sound has such a warm and comforting vibe, and they effortlessly captivated the audience. The crowd cheered as they introduced their song “Saratoga,” and they closed out their set with the top-streamed song “Dandelion.”

The lights dimmed around 9:30, and little orange mushroom lamps glowed across the stage. You could feel the energy and anticipation in the audience increasing with each second that passed. Finally, the bright pink neon Houndmouth sign flickered on, and the crowd went wild as Myers, Appleby, Cody, and Hickman entered the stage. The band kicked off their set with “Las Vegas” and “Make It To Midnight” from their 2021 album Good For You. The night continued with a diverse set list from their discography. The crowd was ecstatic to hear several hit songs from the 2015 album Little Neon Limelight, including “My Cousin Greg,” “Darlin’,” and “Honey Slider.” They also sang fan favorite “Palmyra” from their debut album, From the Hills Below the City. Every guitar solo echoed throughout the venue, and the overall stage presence of the band was delightful. 

Photo by Reid Schaefer

Houndmouth performed a generous encore, with a solo performance from Myers singing unreleased song “Blue Bird” and “For No One” from the debut album. Hickman, Appleby, and Cody then excitedly returned for “Comin’ Round Again.” To close out the show, they were joined onstage by the Oliver Hazard crew to sing their #1 song, “Sedona,” together. The crowd was having the time of their lives as they screamed the lyrics and danced around the venue. The Chartreuse and Chandeliers tour had such a passionate and spirited crowd atmosphere; it was by far one of the best concerts I’ve experienced this year, and I highly recommend attending one of their shows in the future!

Photo Gallery of Houndmouth by Reid Schaefer

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