Album Review: Sunbloc’s “Sunday Music”

ALBANY – The latest release from Sunbloc, Sunday Music, which came out Feb. 23rd, further solidifies the band into its weird and curious amalgamation of hardcore punk and indie. Combining washy tones associated with the latter genre, along with the extremely in-your-face performances and loudness of the former makes for a unique, albeit short, listening experience.

A piercing synth serves as the intro to “Spoolhead,” and is followed by overdriven and washed-out guitars. Single-line melodic guitar parts dance around the song, against a consistently yelled vocal part. To say it’s anything less than extremely in your face is an understatement! Fading right into the next track, a quick drum fills leads into “Circling the A.” All instruments are being played – well, not played, more like slammed – at such an intensity that is definitely worth mentioning. A band branded as blending elements of hardcore punk with indie, this song is a solid example of that particular sound. Similar tones can also be found on “Gummy,” track three.

What is curious about the record, is how the band chooses to end it, in terms of energy-level. The last two tracks “Alice” and “Shove” are quite different than the rest of the record. The most laid-back tune on the album, “Alice” leans more into the dreamy-indie side of the band’s influences and creativity. During the chorus, instrumentation does open up a bit more, and it’s interesting how the band incorporated the change in time signature. Closing with “Shove” serves as an effective way to continue bringing the energy of the album down a bit before its conclusion. Though not a slow song by any means, the arrangement on this track enables listeners to get a much clearer idea of what is sonically happening. It’s my favorite track on the record.

Given its style, Sunday Music is the type of record that doesn’t need much analysis. You’re either going to show up each and every time to be blasted away by incredibly raucous arrangements and performances, or you’re not. Fans of hardcore punk can definitely sink their teeth into this new release from Sunbloc. Check it out for yourself here.

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