Above Ground Podcast #205, Peerspective

When we hear the word peer, we often think of others with similar backgrounds, cultures, likes. When  Above Ground Podcast refers to our peers, we are speaking to our brothers and sisters out here who share similar anxiety, depression, or a more severe type of mental illness or disorder of some type. May is closing fast, and that means Mental Health Awareness Month will be off the calendar once again, but as we dawn on our fourth year of stomping stigmas and staying above today, let’s get down with the peerspective. 

Hey, it’s once again time for another episode because hope won’t spread itself. This week is two hundred five and Will and Tim are talking about what the ideas of peer work and being a peer are when it’s in relation to mental health and the journey of healing. Connection being an essential need might hold the first key to why the best therapy doesn’t look like therapy at all. 

Join us for a peer meet-up at the Sages Circle 443 Saratoga Rd Glenville, NY, on Sunday, May 21st, at 1pm. Sign up at SagesEvents.com and let us know if you’re planning to attend. We’d love to see you. Plus the store is Nippertown’s premier metaphysical gift shop and spiritual center.  

Huge shoutouts to everyone Will met at Tulip Fest last Sunday.  Including a special meet-up to say hey to Nipper!!  Special thanks to Laura DePolito for grabbing this pic.

Also wanted to say thanks to Tatiana and all at Noteworthy Resources!! We were fortunate to be at her brand new Community Center and Indoor Skate Park at 930 Broadway Commercial Suite 1, Albany, NY 12207. Our table was very busy having conversations with many individuals. Providing resources and receiving well wishes for being there and allowing space for others to express their feelings. 

It was a special day topped off by a  raffle win for Will when he won this deck and wheels donated by https:/townandcountryskate.com  of Scotia, NY. Go see Kyle for a gnarly setup. Special thanks to Jake from In This Together. And it was great meeting Scott, who has deep old-school roots to the pod. Always awesome making new friends. Please come back every Wednesday for a new episode. Next week, Hudson Valley Author Kelli Kane. Until we meet again, get well, be safe, stay Above.

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