Above Ground Podcast #209, Flipping the Script

In 2020 the life expectancy in the US was 77 years old and a month or two. With that alarming number, it’s no wonder we don’t talk about death. We don’t like to plan our death and we definitely do not want to acknowledge it. We have our second-ever repeat guest this week—time to get flipping the script with Dr. A, the Misfit Therapist. 

It’s time for episode two hundred nine of Above Ground Podcast, and we are rocking into year four with only our second-ever repeat guest, The Misfit Therapist, herself, Dr. A. We were stoked to have her back on and catch up. We jumped right in with some heavy facts. That’s your trigger warning. 

Dr. A expresses, ” You’re allowed to go backward a little bit, to go forward.”. As you see up top, the topic of death is very prevalent this week. Death of a parent, end of a relationship, and death of identity. As people that are very comfortable in uncomfortable conversations, this was just a natural order, and the tape rolled for it. 

Dr. A appeared back on episode 152, Island of Misfits w/Dr. A, the Misfit Therapist.  She shares a lot has changed in her world since that appearance in May of 2022. Dr. A is a busy psychotherapist in California. Dr. A is a mom, an MBA, and a former professor. Her specialty is trauma-focused CBT, and she is an LCSW and LPCC. 

Dr. A clearly needed to get some stuff off her chest, and the vulnerable conversation led us through her father’s death, the uncoupling of her first marriage, and her upcoming second one. Yes, she knows the odds. We got to talk about divorce and how difficult it is to have a not-so-normal parting of ways. 

The common theme of death led us to a good resting place, and we are so grateful to have had our second repeat guest. As we celebrate year four and march toward five, we will have some other guests from the years past. We also have some killer new guests. We hope you will check in every Wednesday because hope won’t spread itself. 

Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of Above Ground Podcast. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you. Please follow our socials for updates daily. Come visit us at an AGP pop-up event. Check Facebook and Instagram to find us wherever you might be. Until next week get well,  be safe, stay above.

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