Kevin Bacon from Bacon Brothers Talks About Music, Family, and Eggs

The Bacon Brothers‘ music intentionally defies genre categorization, and that’s precisely how Kevin Bacon likes it.

Actor and musician Kevin Bacon, possibly best known for his portrayal of Ren in the 1984 film musical “Footloose,” is performing with his Grammy-winning brother Michael to perform in their ensemble The Bacon Brothers at Albany’s iconic Egg on June 22nd.

Photo by Jeff Fasano

A local of sorts, as he owns a home in the Adirondacks, Nippertown recently asked Bacon for some insights about his musical influences, family, and even how he takes his eggs.

“I’m the youngest of six. My brother is nine years older, and my sister ten. They were playing music in my earliest memories. So I wanted to try,” Kevin Bacon explained. “I had lyrics and melodies in my head and sang them to Mike. This was how we started writing together.”

The brother duo have been releasing music since 1994. I listened to their newest album, Erato, and struggled to define the genre. “The music I listen to defies genre,” he proudly shared, and their tracks follow suit. From soul and folk to some rock influences, the band’s sound challenges listeners to think outside the box.

The lyrics are also swoon-worthy. My favorite song, “Dark Chocolate Eyes,” was written by Kevin for his wife, Kyra Sedgwick. “Well, as I tell my wife, all love songs are about her. Even the ones I wrote before I met her,” he charmed.

Photo by Jeff Fasano

As their website notes, the family that picks together sticks together. Kevin and Michael have traveled internationally performing their music, and family is clearly at the center of much of what they do. Kevin’s son Travis was included on “Karaoke Town” from their new album. “He plays industrial hardcore. Produces, scores, engineers,” Kevin noted. And Kevin doesn’t shy away from how much he adores his wife, admitting she is his muse.

The couple takes time in the Adirondacks enjoying the lake, listening to loons, and staying in the mountains. Bacon readily admitted they don’t leave the lake when they travel here, mostly as they want to get away from it all.

The brothers grew up in Philadelphia, and they haven’t forgotten their hometown. In an effort to give back, the brothers invested time, energy and their name to a project engaging young people from Philadelphia in the music industry. They wrote a song, “It’s a Philly Thing,” reflecting the city’s local catchphrase.

Bacon explains, “We recorded the song with Philly players and a Philly producer. Mike wanted to add a cause component and we found “Rock to the Future.” So we had the kids play on the track.” Bacon encouraged our Nippertown readers to check out the behind-the-scenes on YouTube.  

Kevin and Michael Bacon are coming to The Egg on June 22nd. I asked Kevin how he takes his eggs; after all, he’s performing in a giant one. “Poached eggs on oatmeal,” he responded.

Fans are encouraged to get tickets soon, as this show is likely to be a huge draw for the family that picks together – and quite clearly sticks together, too.

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