B.B. Kink Brings Burlesque Back To The Berkshires

The reigning Queen of Burlesque, Dita Von Teese, who is often credited with re-popularizing the performance art form in the 90s, has said of burlesque, “It’s about what you reveal and how you choose to reveal it.”

Breanna Berger-Tzabar (aka B.B. Kink) is bringing burlesque back to the Berkshires with a series of July classes in Chatham. B. B. says, ” I wanted to introduce people to the dance form as an avenue of self-expression, exercise & self-love. It’s all in here. I thrive watching others build confidence, step into their own power and claim their sensuality, especially when it’s on their own terms. Ultimately, I personally think that someone should learn burlesque to explore sides of themselves that have either been buried, hidden, or tucked away, or never seen the light of day. It’s a deep dive into finding your own passions. I also specialize in boudoir photography. Burlesque & boudoir both enable true empowerment at their core. I absolutely love what I do!”

Lola LoveGood (Student): “What first caught my interest in taking burlesque was a pop-up at my routine barre class. Our instructor, Brittany Craig (aka Miss Moaning Lisa), brought in the ever-so-lovely B.B. Kink to co-host; it was AMAZING! I’ve been photographed by B.B. for a couple of shoots in the past, so I was familiar with who she was. B.B. is so empowering as a photographer that when she announced that she would be teaching burlesque, there was no hesitation in joining! What woman doesn’t want to feel beautiful in her own skin? My favorite takeaway from learning burlesque is definitely the chair work! There’s something about bumping and grinding and sliding around the chair that just is absolutely magical. You feel sexy, wild, courageous and sleek.”

“I have a few favorite songs to move to, but my top two would have to be “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” by Two Feet and “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. I love the slow and sexy beat songs to move to, to feeeeel yourself and love yourself. Who you perform for is up to the dancer to decide. An audience would love the show, and if your confidence is high, strong, and sexy, then go ahead and, by all means, dance for the crowd! If you plan a special night for your partner and want to show them your inner skill of sexiness, that’s perfect too. I personally perform and learn for myself. I LOVE seeing myself, I LOVE the confidence it’s given me, and I LOVE the courage and happiness I’ve gained!! You’re bound to see a side of yourself you’ve never seen before, and you will LOVE it!”

B.B. Kink: “I used to attend classes in Hudson & Chatham, but they aren’t offered anymore. I missed that signature invigorating feeling from being around such a badass group of women, so I took the leap of offering classes to help rebuild that community feel. My favorite song to perform to is Heartbreaker by B.B. King; I hide a pair of scissors in my corset, pull them out halfway through the act to cut up paper hearts, and throw them into the audience!”

“Students need to bring an open mind about their sensuality & a sturdy pair of heels/booties. I supply most of the typical props (boas, gloves, masks, fun costumes) but encourage people to bring their own props after a few classes to individualize the experience. I suggest wearing something comfortable and sexy, which is open to interpretation. Bringing an extra bra & undies is encouraged. The studio provides yoga mats, chairs and water.”

“In class, we explore things that most people don’t bring up in their daily lives. Subjects that are typically too risqué for general discussion sometimes get brought up here. With that, a great deal of realization happens, as well as healing through dance. I think I came to focus on female sensuality in my photography and burlesque teaching in part in response to my upbringing. As I grew, I knew I needed to challenge traditional values and stand strong for women’s rights, including the freedom of sexual expression and body autonomy. It can get heavy sometimes, but aren’t the best things in life worth the hard work?

Dita Von Teese again: “Don’t save your good lingerie for dates; wear it for you!”

Burlesque: The Art of the Tease classes will be held on Tuesdays at 6:30PM on July 11, 18, and 25 at Roots Holistic 25 Main Street, Chatham, NY.

Pre-register at [email protected], and drop-ins are also welcome — $20 per class.

-Organic Images Photography (Family friendly) www.instagram.com/organicimagesny
-Orgasmic Images Photography (After dark/boudoir) www.instagram.com/orgasmicimagesny

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