Above Ground Podcast #213, Gimme Three Steps

Self-love is huge. Our deficit of self-love is huge too. Accepting the real is a true test of mindfulness. People with abandonment issues often have difficulty staying in the real, for fear of being let down by the real. This week we are throwing down and singing Gimme three steps, gimme three steps mista, gimme three steps to self-love. Or at least help us narrow it down.

Welcome to episode two hundred thirteen of Above Ground Podcast. We are speeding through the summer of 2023 and continue to bring real, raw conversations about mental health from what we deemed the peer-spective. This week is no different. We hope you enjoyed last week’s show with our guest, John ‘Bloodclot’ Joseph. Next week we are joined by Yogi Marc Salvi. Check it out every Wednesday.

Mindfulness is the amusement park of the self. Within these walls resides emotion. Our connection. Our pain and the path to our healing. Our forgiveness. And our letting go. In the big top is the circus of life. All its balancing acts, high flying acrobatics, and sometimes a clown falls off their bike, or their horn is stuffed. Either way, the clown who is an extra might lose faith in themselves when their bucket is empty. The clown blames himself. Our friend might not love himself after. With blame comes shame, and Pagliacci may never regain his smile again. 

Have no fear, sad clown. Above Ground Podcast has some steps to learning how to love yourself again. Remember, mindfulness is a process, a concept. Yes, it’s acceptable that a clown is a clown. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less. It’s accepting that as a clown, you’re expected to entertain people all the time. No matter how you feel. But, if you’re causing yourself suffering by holding onto dreams of being one of the flying trapeze performers, please take the step of letting go. Forgive yourself and accept that you are the greatest clown ever; toot your horn like no one else can. And shout that I am Pagliacci, the horn tootinist’, insightful and forgiving mofo to ever paint a face. 

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Don’t forget to come to Central Park Music Haven in Schenectady, NY, for NipperFest 2023. Saturday, July 22, from 11am-10pm. Come to Central Park, listen to some great 518 music, and grab a fistful of mental health resources to share with your neighbors. Be there or wish you were. Thanks for listening to episode two hundred thirteen of Above Ground Podcast. Please subscribe and turn on notifications in order to hear a new episode every Wednesday, four years and growing.  Until next week when we are joined by Marc Salvi, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE.

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