Above Ground Podcast #214, Rebuilding the Mountain w/Marc Salvi

Yoga is challenging, but it forces you to be in the moment. The more times we put ourselves in the moment we push ourselves.  The postures provide you with a physical map to lead you into the moment. This week we are talking yoga and rebuilding the mountain that is self. Through the trauma of fires, fisticuffs, and rage, Marc Salvi rebuilt his mountain and its construction of yoga, metal, and connection. 

Welcome to episode two hundred fourteen of Above Ground Podcast: another week, another real conversation about mental health and wellness from the peer-spective. Summer is dashing like a thoroughbred, and the race will be run before we know it. Prioritizing self-care and exercise is important. Yoga may be the perfect addition to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

Our guest this week is Marc Salvi. Marc is a Nippertown-based yoga teacher. Marc’s classes are designed to bring nonyoga people to the practice. Marc came to yoga for help recovering from the aches and pains of the gym rat life. In 2021 Marc completed his RYT200 with Michelle Pollard, owner of Studio 4 Hot Yoga and Pilates of Schenectady, NY. Marc aims to help students cultivate greater body awareness by becoming mindful of every part of the body. With breath work, building strength, gaining mobility, and stability, you will move through your life smoother and more confident. 

Marc can be found on the schedules of Studio 4 Hot Yoga & Pilates, 151 Lafayette Street, Schenectady, NY. Marc also teaches in Slingerlands at JAI Yoga School, 5 Vista Blvd, Slingerlands, NY. 

When Marc is not teaching yoga, he takes part in his other passions. He is a dad of twins(boy/girl). Marc trains Tae Kwon Do with them and is a huge fan of martial arts. His day job is as a  construction project manager with more than twenty years and counting in the industry.  Not to mention he loves metal and hardcore music. 

Thanks for listening to this week’s Above Ground Podcast. Please stop by our table at NipperFest this Saturday and say hey!!! NipperFest will be rocking from 11a-10pm Saturday at Central Park Music Haven, Schenectady, NY.  Get there and support local music. Until we meet again next week, get well, be safe, stay ABOVE. 

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