From Catching Frogs to Rocking Stages: The Rise of Sofia Corts, Nippertown’s Next-Door Star

Ascending rock sensation Sofia Corts is literally the girl next door. The rising Bethlehem High School senior living in Glenmont grew up catching frogs, riding her bike, and playing with her cat Tigger. She has also recorded two singles and performed in various musicals. Known for her pop music with a sultry, jazzy voice, Corts’ speaking voice recalled Miley Cyrus’ raspy voice as she laughed and talked through memories of her early years in the industry.

“I’ve always loved performing, ever since I was little. My aunt got me into plays when I was five, and I’ve been passionate about singing and acting since then,” she grinned. In that role, she was a munchkin in The Whiz.

Sofia Corts performing her recording session at WEXT Studios, Troy,NY (5/19/23)

“People would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up, and I wanted to tell them I wanted to be a singer. But there was this other voice in my head that said that wasn’t realistic,” she shared.

Little did she know how realistic her dream would be. Corts is opening NipperFest on Saturday, July 22nd in Central Park in Schenectady, New York. “It’s my first gig with the band, and I’m so excited!”

Corts came to an interview with Nippertown recently with her almond-shaped eyes smiling under a baseball cap, donning shorts, and loose red hair that shook when she shared her exuberance about playing at NipperFest. Accompanied by her parents Michael and Carolina, Corts was quick to break jokes and reveal her very human teenage self.

“Let me show you one of my favorite moments from Mamma Mia this spring at my high school,” she said as she pulled out her cell phone. Her pride as she played the video was clear as she beamed, sharing her memory of how she developed the character in the scene. “It was so much fun to do, to be Rosie. I just really loved performing in this musical. Being on stage is my favorite thing ever.”

But she was also willing to recite the number pi from memory, admitted she loves solving Rubik’s cube puzzles, and hopes to attend Berkley for music. “And maybe math. I like math,” she admitted.

Corts has cut her teeth through bounteous performances in the capital region, and as she recalled different roles, it was easy to be charmed by how her star quality shone through talking with a down-to-earth teenager.

Corts is on the cusp of a national breakout. With singles “Spring Cleaning,” which has become a sensation on TikTok, and “Temporarily,” Corts has developed a following among many teens who love her pop style that has hints of R&B.

“It’s really strange that my classmates follow my music and know it so well,” she admitted. “It always takes me by surprise, but I’m glad too that they love it!”

“I listen to a lot of 90s music and love all of it, especially R&B and jazz,” she cooed. She struggled to identify one or two musicians who influenced her, admitting she loves a variety of musicians. “I love Ella Fitzgerald, but also most classic pop and 90s alt music.”

Corts recorded her first song at age 13, a piece where she took a friend’s poem and added music. While she never finished the process, it started her on her current path of writing and performing original music.

As a local who grew up around and about Nippertown, we wondered where her favorite restaurants and places were. “Oh, the Iron Gate Restaurant has the best pancakes; I just love it there!” she gushed. Other favorites include Patroons and Valley Cats games.

The self-taught musician can sing, but also performs on piano, guitar, ukulele, and recently drums. “I’m not afraid to try new things. I’m not afraid of competition,” she said seriously. “I am the competition.”

The glamorous 17-year-old doesn’t have time for boys but prefers her father’s company instead. “He’s my role model. He’s done so much and continues to do so much,” she reflected.

Her confidence and self-assurance are atypical but delightful, and when asked how they instilled this in Corts, her father stated, “We spent a lot of time together.”

This brought us back to the frog-catching story. Corts was digging through pictures in her phone, looking for the frogs she caught and saved from the roadway during a camping trip.

Corts plans to get NipperFest fans up and dancing on Saturday with her soulful, upbeat songs. The ascending star will likely expand past Nippertown soon, so catch her while you can. And maybe catch a frog or two with her at the park while you are there, too!

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