Road to Nipperfest: ShortWave RadioBand

Andy Scullin’s love for the local music scene is unquestioned, and the feeling is mutual. The ShortWave RadioBand’s frontman is in the middle of it all, whether it be on stage or in the podcast studio, his orange hat is a beacon towards which everyone in the 518’s music family is drawn.

ShortWave RadioBand is one of 17 local artists set to perform at Music Haven in Schenectady as Nipperfest Music and Arts Festival kicks off for a second year on Saturday, July 22, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The five-piece band out of Schuylerville often runs with the same pack of wolves as Seize Atlantis and Under the Den, offering a pop-punk show complemented by a trumpet sound. 

ShortWave RadioBand started as a semi-acoustic duo four years ago between Lonny Eaton and Andy Scullin. They continued performing cover songs for a few years, meeting drummer John Woods along the way. By the summer of 2021, Scullin and crew started writing their own material. Trumpeter Abby Stone and guitarist Ryan Shaw joined the ranks shortly after, forming the band fans know today.

The band’s popularity has grown over the past year, as evident in Nippertown’s March Music Madness. Fan voting carried the band through two rounds, surpassing Laveda and The Ryan Matter Band before relenting to this year’s co-champion The Sugar Hold

Scullin, the affable frontman that he is, orchestrates a good-natured vibe at every venue. In the past year, he’s placed that same personal charm in a podcast, The Unsigned 518. Each week, he features local band members and their music. 

“Our first gig with John, as a power trio, was with The Sugar Hold and the Battenkillers,” Scillin shared on an end-of-the-year round-up episode of his podcast. “That was their second gig ever, and our first gig as a band. … We literally came up together. We love The Sugar Hold.”

The mutual love for the local music scene shows itself in Scullin’s Dazzle Dan, where he records his podcasts. CDs, stickers and other memorabilia adorn the man cave, surrounding a pastel-colored arcade case where guests are welcomed to attempt besting his high score in Ms. Pac Man. 

No one beats him.

You can hear more of ShortWave RadioBand on Spotify and Bandcamp.

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