Above Ground Podcast #, Never Underestimate the Power of You

Are you curious about what healing can bring into your life? Are you fed up with your past experiences hindering your present and blocking your future? If you answered yes to either, we’ve got an episode for you!! We all have mental health. We all have hurdles. And we all have the ability to improve in some small way so never underestimate the power of you.

Welcome to episode two hundred fifteen of Above Ground Podcast. This week we celebrate the book, Never Underestimate the Power of You by none other than AGP’s Timothy “TPP” Parent. Because, well, we all have the power inside…sometimes we just need a light, a nudge, or even a smack right upside the head, with Tim’s mantra of, Educate.Inspire.Support, Tim created a book to help you accomplish those things. This book can be your guide to tapping your power and becoming the person you want to be. When you’re ready, the book is waiting. What are you waiting for?

Are you down with TPP?? Start here with this episode and get a brief glimpse into the book and the author. Pick up this help-yourself book today and stop underestimating yourself and start your healing journey. You’re worth it. 

You can find, Never Underestimate the Power of You here on Amazon. If you’re in the 518, you can go pick up a copy at The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany, NY or stop into our favorite boutique in Glenville- The Sages Circle, Glenville, NY. 

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Buy the book: https://www.amazon.com/Never-Underestimate-Power-You-Project/dp/B0BM43J534

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