Above Ground Podcast #216, Operation; Gunny Claus

Twenty-two service men and women die by suicide every day. Those are just the ones that can be counted. Countless others suffer alone. You can only embrace the suck so long before you need to change your operation. 

What is up and welcome to episode two hundred sixteen of Above Ground Podcast. This week we are joined by Gunny Claus. Gunny is a retired Marine Drill Sergeant who adopted his persona of Gunny Claus to make some meaning and give back to the community. 

Upon returning home, Gunny wanted to make a difference and found his way to help Toys for Tots. Gunny was forced out of his box when asked to appear as a living example. Gunny opened himself up to allow parts of himself to be touched that, as a Marine, would not have been otherwise. 

Gunny provides us a chance to witness in real-time how we affect someone has ripple effects throughout our world. And you never know when you might encounter one of those individuals. Be careful; you meet the same people on the way up as you do on the way down. They just look differently from your back, so remain on your toes and treat people kindly. 

Irreverent Warriors is a national organization that helps vets heal through shared experience, humor, and providing understanding, connection, and camaraderie to help mental health and prevent suicide. Gunny will be in NYC on August 26, 2023, for the Silkie’s Hike NYC—a non-athletic hike kicking off at W 67th Street at 7:00am. 

Thanks for listening to this week’s episode of Above Ground Podcast. Thank you to everyone who came out to NipperFest last week and spoke with us. We were grateful to be part of the connection and the community. Please continue to rate, review, subscribe, and share. Until next Wednesday, get well, be safe, stay Above.


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