Twin Creative Duo Set to Direct First Short Film

DELMAR – Making their directorial debut, twins Heather and Hunter Frederick are currently in the process of developing their light-heart comedy: Wherever we go. The creative duo is currently involved in a crowdfunding project for the film, which is set to start filming on the Siena College Campus at the end of August.

Wherever we go, film poster.

We wanted to use our twinship to tell a unique story that has meaning but still leaves you smiling.

– Hunter Frederick

Wherever we go, we follow a college student named Cara. She is an everyday student going through everyday things. Like many people, she has social anxiety. However, the difference is that she can see her anxiety, and so can the audience. We see Ego, her inner voice personified, as an identical lookalike. Following Cara around and continuously surrounding her with these negative thoughts and emotions that amplify her anxiety, Ego makes seemingly everyday tasks very difficult for Cara to deal with. Her ego is significantly heightening her fear of being a burden to her one and only friend. Cara is forced to grapple with her amplified social anxiety and embarks on a journey to regain control and silence Ego once and for all. But that’s easier said than done!

Being born and raised in the 518 and Siena College alumni makes it no surprise that we are very excited to produce this project. We have some really talented local creatives involved!

– Heather Frederick


For those that wish to donate to the Indiegogo campaign, they may do so by clicking here.

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