Unsigned518 Podcast #88, Ben Zoleski

I became friends with Ben long before this podcast existed and when ShortWave RadioBand was still a semi-acoustic duo playing cover tunes in the corner of local taprooms. Ben and his bandmates in Under The Den (Jay-No, Solo, and Madison) were very supportive of us when we added John, Abby, and Ryan and decided to make a go at original music. So much so that we call them and two (of the many) other bands that helped us fly in our early days (The Sugar Hold and E.R.I.E.) out by name in our soon-to-be-released single “Along The Way.”

This episode was recorded just days before it was announced that Ben was stepping away from his duties in Under The Den for the foreseeable future. Still, I certainly already had that knowledge when I pressed record. For that reason, we do not talk about his leaving the band but instead focus on what he will be doing as a solo artist going forward.

Ben also performs two original songs live in the studio.

My love for Ben and every single member of Under The Den is no secret, and I know that both outfits will thrive in the 518 and beyond. In the meantime, hear what Ben will be up to going forward on episode 88 of Unsigned518.

Ben Zoleski on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/benzoleski/

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