Pop Songwriter, Logan Spaleta, to Release Two New Singles; Explores New Genres

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Furthering his songwriting abilities, on September 5th, pop songwriter, Logan Spaleta is set to release two new songs, “summer camp” and “broken glass.” Building upon his previous catalog, Spaleta demonstrates a deepening of subject material with the latter tune and, in the case of both songs, displays a maturing of song arrangement abilities.

I had a chance to sit down with the artist prior to release. What follows is our conversation.

“broken glass” cover art

Lucas Garrett: Thank you, Logan. It’s nice to talk with you again. How’ve you been?

Logan Spaleta: I’ve been great. How about you?

LG: Doing well, thank you. I had a minute to listen to the new material you’d sent over and it’s a lot different than your other work.

LS: Yes!

LG: Talk to us a bit about that.

LS: I feel over the span of time that I’ve been songwriting, it’s like what we talked about in the last interview of how there’s been first experiences that I’ve been experiencing. The first four songs I released in my debut EP, without a care in the world; those were songs I wrote in quarantine; songs I wrote when I was at home. These songs we have now, “broken glass,” and “summer camp,” coming out on September 5th, and the rest of the album I’m working on right now, were all songs I wrote post that, when I was back in-person with people.

“broken glass,” when I wrote it, was about the metaphorical sharp edge of a fresh, sudden heartbreak. “summer camp” I wrote on the last day of summer camp last summer. It details the joys of summer; I wrote it when it was all coming to an end. I was getting introspective about the experience I had.

LG: I’ve noticed your voice has been changing. Is that affecting what you’re doing?

LS: Definitely. I’ve been working with some really amazing people at my school. The teachers I work with there have really worked to mature and develop my voice. I think it allows me to do a wider variety of things: go a little bit higher than I was previously able to; sound more mature on certain high notes. Overall, it’s allowed me to have a little more flexibility and versatility in the melodies I write.

LG: It sounds a lot more full and rich. Let’s talk a bit about the change in genre. There’s a lot – in my opinion – has changed to more of a Midwest emo sound.

LS: It’s what happens to me in the moment. A lot of my songwriting comes from a strong emotion. I’ll run over to a piano; I’ll run over to a sheet of paper and scribble down lyrics and what I have. Depending on the emotion I have and depending on my music taste at that time; the top songs I’ve been listening to during that time period shape how I write a song. Once I get a song idea, I’ll go into Logic Pro and start plugging in for instruments. So, depending on what I’m listening to, depending on how I feel… it’s very flexible.

“broken glass” has more of that cutting-edge, darker complexion to it, while “summer camp” is campy, upbeat, and excited, and happy. It’s matching the emotion and vibe of my music taste.

LG: What are you currently listening to?

LS: Right now, I’ve been on a Five Seconds of Summer tear for quite a while now. Generally, it’s been pretty consistent with what I’ve usually done. Otherwise, it’s been fairly consistent: Olivia Rodrigo is still there; Green Day is still there; The Goo Goo Dolls is still there; Billy Joel is still there; the classic 1980s stuff that my parents raised me on… Ed Sheeran is new to my music taste, as well.

LG: Where can we see you play live?

LS: I have a gig coming up in September in Brooklyn. It’s a funny connection to one of my friends that I had up here in Saratoga. Now, he goes to NYU – Ethan Crowley. He asked me a week ago to open up for him at the Bushwick Public House, which I’m super excited about.

LG: Besides the two singles that are coming out September 5th what else will be on your upcoming album?

LS: The other songs I’m working on with Isak Gunnarsson, the guitarist from Tribe Friday. He’s really great; helped me shape my ideas so much.

“summer camp” cover art

LG: Do you know when that album will come out?

LS: I don’t have an official date yet, but I have a lot of stuff that is in the works. Originally, it was nineteen songs, and now I’m trying to figure out how to cut it down to about thirteen songs. The total that I’m looking for.

LG: What kind of record can listeners expect it to be?

LS: I want it to be able to tell a story. I feel a lot of these songs I’ve written come to me at very strong emotional moments. I want to find a way to weave that together into a cohesive story, and I want to have it bridge into as many genres as I can. I think that a lot of songs that I do have, for the full album, they bridge into other genres: they have a pop feel; they have a rock feel; they have a punk feel; they have a country ballad. I want it to be diverse, I want it to be complex, I want it to tell a story.

LG: What is your favorite genre to write in?

LS: Ballads are the most heartfelt, emotional – which I can really enjoy writing in; that little safe space to write. A lot of my upbeat songs I’m working with on Logic. I want more of that guitar sound; drum sound; bass sound.

LG: Is there anything else that you’d like to talk about that I may have not asked?

LS: I’m super excited this year – I’m going to be playing Ismay in my school’s production of Titanic: The Musical. I’m also going to be our vocal captain, for which I’m super excited about to work with a great group of people. Our shows are going to be in March.

LG: Congratulations, Logan.

LS: Thank you.

LG: Good luck with everything!

LS: Awesome talking to you. Thank you so much.

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