Above Ground Podcast #220: Lean On Me

Finding kind humans with a kind heart who just want to help others is rare these days. Lucky for us (and you), we have Dr. Rachael! She is a relationship coach who empowers women and spreads hope to everyone. Dr. Rachael is a strong advocate for belief work, not only for others but also for herself. Maybe it’s the force behind hope; to create strength, we must utter the words, “I am enough.”

Welcome to episode two hundred twenty of the Above Ground Podcast. This is the place where conversations decrease the stigma of mental health, and this week, we mix in a little attachment theory as well.

With the help of Dr. Rachael, we discuss life after divorce, healing through shame, guilt, grief, and the entanglement of attachment styles, and finding our way through the web of relationships to continue our journey to becoming our authentic selves. She believes the best way to step out of the shadows is to search within through values, standards, affirmations, belief work, and maybe most importantly, consistency.

What are your basic needs? What is your attachment style? Lean on us this week in episode #220 and grow through forgiveness with positive affirmations and the wisdom of Dr. Rachael Knotts.

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Thanks for the support, and as always… Stay above.

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