Amal Walks Across America with Stops at Ashfield & North Adams

Little Amal, the iconic 12-foot puppet symbolizing a young Syrian refugee girl, will step foot in Ashfield and North Adams on September 10. This is part of her monumental 6,000-mile trek, “Amal Walks Across America”, which encompasses over 35 cities and features 100+ diverse events.

Celebrating hope and unity, Little Amal’s journey unveils the vibrant culture and diverse people of America. Esteemed establishments like Double Edge Theatre, Jupiter Performance Studio, Ohketeau Cultural Center, and artists such as Mark Stewart, MASS MoCA, and Julian Crouch are gearing up to curate memorable “events of welcome” during her visit.

Amal’s journey is an invitation to all, and as she traverses the nation, various cultural, governmental, and humanitarian entities will contribute their perspectives to the grand American narrative. More information on these partners is available at

A unique feature, “Amal From Afar”, will offer everyone, irrespective of their location, a chance to connect with Amal’s message. Kicking off on September 7, the initiative encourages everyone to celebrate the idea of “Tonight I Am Not Alone”, an evening where institutions nationwide curate events promoting the significance of welcoming newcomers.

For those eager to delve deeper into the theme of Little Amal’s voyage, a curated reading list and a comprehensive educational pack for adults are accessible. This pack offers “simple acts” recommendations, encouraging Americans to support migrant and refugee initiatives locally actively.

Further amplifying the experience, video content, available for viewers of all ages, will chronicle the journey. It can be found on The Walk Production’s various social media handles and the official website.

In a bid to involve the younger generation, “Amal Walks Across America” collaborates with organizations like Welcome.US, Students Rebuild, and the American Federation of Teachers to offer a multilingual curriculum exploring Amal’s narrative.

Amir Nizar Zuabi, The Walk Productions Artistic Director, remarked, “Amal stands as a beacon of hope and unity. Our partners, each contributing a unique slice of the American story, are invaluable in shaping this journey.”

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Producer David Lan added, “The enthusiasm we’ve seen is overwhelming. It’s heartening to witness our partners’ fervent support both for the on-ground events and the broader ‘Amal From Afar’ initiative.”

Initiating in Boston, MA, on September 7, Amal’s journey will conclude in San Diego, CA, on November 5, having touched various parts of the nation. The full itinerary will be made available in August.

The initiative, steered by The Walk Productions in collaboration with Handspring Puppet Company, follows Amal’s previous 5,000-mile European journey and her exploration of New York City’s five boroughs.

Ever since her inception, Little Amal has been a global sensation, being welcomed in numerous artistic events worldwide, resonating deeply with the communities she interacts with.

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