Photo Gallery: Noah Kahan / Ruston Kelly @ SPAC, 09/02/2023

Saturday’s sold-out event at SPAC was a testament to the spellbinding charm of Ruston Kelly and Noah Kahan. Kelly’s performance struck a chord, especially when he dialed into the hearts of the primarily young female audience with his cover of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.” Every voice in the crowd resonated, embodying the song’s raw emotion.

Photo by Dakota Gilbert

Noah Kahan took the energy up another notch. Dressed in white overalls and flashing an infectious smile, his presence gave off the atmosphere of a hometown reunion. His tracks, ranging from the emotive “Northern Attitude” to the acoustic depth of “Growing Sideways,” engaged the audience in a musical embrace. The poignant “False Confidence” had the crowd singing along, while the toe-tapping “Dial Drunk” kept the vibes high.

The singer’s encore was the cherry on top. With an extended rendition of “The View Between Villages,” followed by “Stick Season” and “Homesick,” Kahan ensured that every attendee left with a heart full of emotion and melodies playing in their minds.

Photo by Dakota Gilbert

In summary, SPAC didn’t just host a concert; it was an evening of deep connections and musical euphoria. Both Kelly and Kahan showcased that authentic music isn’t just sound; it’s a shared heartbeat among artist and audience.

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