Concert Review: Richard Lloyd (of Television) / Men Who Love Music / Rabid Children @ No Fun, 09/21/2023

It was a stellar night for lovers of guitar-driven garage, indie, and punk rock as No Fun presented the triple bill headlined by Richard Lloyd and his trio, with Men Who Love Music and Rabid Children opening.

For those unfamiliar with Richard, he was one of two guitarists in the pioneering punk band from the 70s, Television. He and his powerful trio laid down a powerful set of tunes from Television, his solo career, and some surprising covers. “See No Evil” and other tunes represented the small but influential Television catalog (2 albums recorded in 1977 and 1978). “Amnesia,” Reservation,” and “Alchemy” were among the many songs from Lloyd’s long career.

Photo by Rudy Lu

“Eight Miles High” was instantly recognizable as a jingle jangle of Roger McGuinn’s exotic guitar parts. Still, they took off eight miles in another direction as the vocals served as a background for the band’s exploration of the song. The band closed with “Psychotic Reaction” by Count Five, a one-hit American garage band. The song was complete with a rave-up section inspired by the Yardbirds that drove fans wild!

Richard spoke and moved very little during his set. He let his guitar playing and singing speak for him. He had a crack band with Sean Seymour on bass and Kevin Tooley on drums. Sean also let his playing speak for him. Kevin Tooley was a beast on his drum kit. He was all over the set and frequently enthusiastically added background vocals.

Photo by Rudy Lu

Local band “Men Who Love Music” opened with long-time 518 veterans Howard Glassman and Eric Hardiman playing a short set that featured Warren Zevon’s “Carmelita.”

Steve Hammond’s project “Rabid Children” seemed to fly off the stage with its all-too-short set of originals.

Thanks to the Super Dark Collective and No Fun’s staff, sound engineer John Olander, and owner August DeRosa for presenting a pre-weekend fun fest!

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