Above Ground Podcast #224, If Not Now, When?

This week on Above Ground Podcast we talk fear.  Facing fear head on.  How to use fear to help you get out of your boxes. It’s time to look fear in the eye and say if not now, when, do we say no to fear. 

What’s up everyone, time for episode two hundred twenty four of Above Ground Podcast.  Time to let go of doubt, worry and outcomes.  There is no wisdom without overcoming fear. Hey Ho, let’s go….

We are taking a break from talking about suicide this week, though it is so important. These heavy topics are sometimes even heavy for us. Please dial 9-8-8 if you need to speak to someone or if someone you know is struggling.  

Thanks for checking in again and listening to this new episode. Use fear against itself this week and choose you. Until we meet again get well, be safe, and stay Above. 

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