Concert Review: BWC Jazz Orchestra @ A Place For Jazz, 09/22/2023

The fact that a Jazz Big Band has many instruments allows the musicians and conductor to express subtle nuances in the music that may not be heard in a smaller combo. This was the case in the BWC Jazz Orchestra performance at A Place For Jazz on Friday night. There were orchestral-like flourishes in the sound. The dynamics were toned down from what is frequently heard from a Big Band. But the swing was always there.

Photo by Rudy Lu

Under Dylan Canterbury as the conductor, the nuances and different arrangements of both familiar and new pieces were heard. Solos were short and sweet, giving many members of the orchestra a brief chance to express themselves with an emphasis on the whole sound as well as arranging. Jim Corigliano also did some of the arrangements as well as Dylan. The cooler West Coast sound was well represented by “Carmelo’s By the Freeway,” which gave the feeling of driving on a pre-congestion California freeway. Quincy Jones’ 50s early 60s sound was well represented by “Jessica’s Song” and “Quintessence.”

The special guest was the legendary Cliff Lyons, an alto saxophonist who was with the fusion band Downtime in the 80s and is now with the Average White Band. Kaitlyn Faye performed both as a vocalist and a baritone saxophonist. Her vocals were featured on three of the songs. Wallace Johnson occupied her saxophonist chair while she was singing. The band is not short of talent, as evidenced by the many soloists.

Photo by Rudy Lu

This was a relaxing evening listening to one of the 518’s big bands. The 2023 A Place For Jazz Series continues on October 6th with the Camille Thurman Darrell Green Quintet.

Set 1 (arranger, composer in parentheses)

  1. ABC Blues (Bob Brookmeyer) Soloists: Dylan Canterbury, trumpet; Dave Fisk, tenor sax; Jim Corigliano, alto sax; Elias Assimakopoulos, trombone; Wayne Hawkins, piano; Dave Shoudy, bass; Cliff Brucker, drums
  2. Jessica’s Day (Quincy Jones) Soloists: Jim Corigliano, flute; Chris Pasin, trumpet; Cliff Lyons, alto sax; Dave Shoudy, bass
  3. Satin ‘n Glass (Sammy Nestico) Soloist: Steve Weisse, trumpet
  4. The Song is You (arr. Bob Florence) Soloists: Wayne Hawkins, piano; Kevin Barcomb, tenor sax; Vito Speranza, trumpet; Dave Shoudy, bass
  5. Something’s Gotta Give (arr. Dylan Canterbury) Soloist: Kaitlyn Faye, vocals
  6. When Sunny Gets Blue (arr. Al Quaglieri) Soloists: Kaitlyn Faye, vocals; Don Mikkelsen, trombone
  7. Gon Gong (Victor Feldman, arr. Oliver Nelson) Soloists: Cliff Lyons, alto sax; Dylan Canterbury, trumpet

Set 2:

  1. Tailwind (Jim Corigliano) Soloists: Dave Fisk, tenor sax; Wayne Hawkins, piano
  2. Keepin’ On (Dylan Canterbury) Soloists: Dylan Canterbury, trumpet; Dave Shoudy, bass; Ken Olsen, trombone
  3. They All Laughed (arr. Jim Corigliano) Soloist: Kaitlyn Faye, vocals
  4. Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead (arr. Jim Corigliano) Soloists: Kaitlyn Faye, vocals; Wayne Hawkins, piano
  5. Resorption Blues (Dylan Canterbury) Soloists: Kevin Barcomb, tenor sax; Chris Pasin, trumpet; Cliff Brucker, drums
  6. Quintessence (Quincy Jones, arr. Jim Corigliano) Soloist: Cliff Lyons, alto sax
  7. Carmelo’s by the Freeway (Bob Florence) Soloists: Dave Fisk, tenor sax; Dylan Canterbury, trumpet; Wayne Hawkins, piano; Cliff Brucker, drums

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