NAMIWalks Capital Region NY Unites for Mental Health Support, October 7th

In a time where mental health has become more and more openly talked about, it is important that we start taking steps as a community to support others in their journey to better their mental health. The concept of “Mental Health for All” has become more prominent in society, and this message has reached a level of urgency worldwide, including right here in the Capital Region.

The organization NAMIWalks works to relay the importance of working as a community to support mental health and reduce stigma. NAMIWalks invites participants to sign up for the annual walk and raise money for NAMI’s free, top-rated mental health programs. The date of NAMIWalks Capital Region NY, set for October 7th at Washington Park, is approaching quickly, and event organizers want to remind participants that our journey is not measured by the distance we walk but by the strides we have collectively made in supporting mental health as a community.

NAMIWalks 2023 is a chance to make a big mark in our local mental health community. Whether you’ve joined before or you’re new and eager to help, the event will be both inspiring and motivating. With your unwavering support and enthusiasm, this year’s walk will be one to remember. This year, the walk will be held at Washington Park in Albany.

Note that certain NAMIWalks events allow dogs to join in on the fun, but before bringing your furry friends along, please ensure to verify the local policy in place! Make it out to Washington Park for a fun-filled, supportive day!


Event Date: Saturday, October 7th, 2023.

Location: Washington Park, Albany, NY 12208.

Time: 10 am – 1 pm

For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit

  1. Harold A Maio says

    —-The organization NAMI Walks works to relay the importance of working as a community to support mental health and reduce stigma

    I am sure you did not notice but “reduce” the stigma (not reject it) means “keep some”.

    How much? Why?

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