Chris Botti to come to Universal Preservation Hall, October 8th

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The extremely talented and successful Chris Botti is set to take the stage at the Universal Preservation Hall on October 8th. Botti is best known for his work as both a trumpeter and composer. Though he started out and has had numerous achievements within the jazz music genre, Botti is also praised for crossing over and finding much success in the pop genre. Because he is able to bounce around in both music genres, Botti is loved by a variety of music lovers.

Since his renowned 2004 album “When I Fall in Love,” Chris Botti has become America’s top-selling instrumental artist. His PBS association resulted in four outstanding #1 jazz albums, along with numerous Gold and Platinum awards. His career as a musician has even been so successful that it won him multiple Grammy Awards. Most recently, Botti’s newest album, “Impressions,” won a Grammy in the Best Pop Instrumental category. There is no doubt that the awards will keep rolling in, not only because Botti is such a polished musician but also because he seamlessly floats between multiple genres, allowing him to find success in more than one category genre-wise.

“Impressions,” his 2012 Grammy-winning release, is part of a series of outstanding albums that prove and solidify Botti’s position within contemporary American music. The album, which features artists like Andrea Bocelli and Herbie Hancock, demonstrates Botti’s distinctive sound and capacity to transcend genre boundaries as well as his overall musical vision.

Throughout his career, Botti has collaborated with fellow music icons, including well-known artists such as Sting, Barbra Streisand, Lady Gaga, and more. Botti has also performed at many prestigious venues, such as Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, and will continue to do so as he performs around 300 days a year!

Through all of his albums and musical collaborations, Chris Botti has established himself as an innovative person in contemporary music. Botti is sure to put on a great show and showcase his talent as a musician. Be sure to get tickets now and prepare for a fun-filled musical night, as Chris Botti is not someone you want to miss out on!


Tickets are on sale now, starting at $49.50. The show will take place on October 8th at the UPH in Saratoga Springs, and Botti is set to take the stage at 7:30 p.m. For further information, please visit

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