Above Ground Podcast #226, Closer to the Heart

Karen Bona has many callings. She is an ordained interfaith minister, a yoga teacher, and a Reiki master. The spiritual connection is what weaves those into a beautiful basket full of energy. They allow her to heal and remain closer to the heart.

Hey! It’s time for episode two hundred twenty-six of the Above Ground Podcast. This week Will is back on the mic, and we have our conversation with friend Karen Bona. 

This week, we cover Karen’s life in recovery. We talk about her search for self-acceptance and the fact that teaching is her true calling. She is a Reiki Master and teaches yoga at both Heartspace in Albany and Girl Fight Fitness in Latham. 

Just a quick heads up: we are covering some heavy stuff on this one. We hold space for these conversations because they have to happen and someone has to do it. Keep reading TPP’s, Never Underestimate the Power of You, or grab a copy if you haven’t. Tim is hosting a Peer Meet Up Sunday October, 15 at 130pm at the Sages Circle 443 Saratoga Rd, Glenville. Until next we meet again, get well, be safe, stay Above. 

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